I woke at 2am as usual last night and listened to the radio chuntering on. A woman with an American voice was saying how her company used AI to detect AI in governments statements,in public safety advice,in marketing propaganda etc,the programmes she had developed could detect when AI was being used to subtly influence the populace. And I'm thinking since the dawn of time every one ever has sought to influence the populace with fake or fraudulent or bad ideas,humanity never needed AI to do that. Like,all you young men,all enthusiasticly sign up to die for your country. It worked for WW1. Men reluctantly and with resignation signed up in WW2,there wasn't an alternative anyway. Now I'm seeing and hearing that age old idea being talked up again. If we don't stand up to the aggressive expansion of Russia we're all doomed. So now what I'm hearing from this lady is that governments and big businesses will sign contracts with her (that's where the money comes from) and her company will use the programs developed by her and her colleagues to scan everything and indicate what is AI generated. So I'm thinking oh great,make everything more complicated and money

generating. Instead of just screwing it up and throwing it in the bin,free and takes minutes,you have to go through this daft money generating procedure. It's all a huge con.

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Please…… Help Fight Against the Sale of Children for the Purpose of Sex Trafficking and Child Pornography

1. Watch this entire trailer……

2. Go see this movie when it opens on July 4th, and………

3. Consider Paying it Forward

The Sound of Freedom


This is a true story. I watched an hour long interview with Tim Ballard, the subject of this movie, and Jim Caviezel. Tim quit his job as a Department of Homeland Security Special Agent so that he could literally, 'save the kids'.

He is 'The Real Deal'. Jim Caviezel is the actor who plays him in this movie.

These men are literally doing 'God's Work', Tim, by performing this work, and Jim by shining a light on this literal EVIL that is among us. For instance, at my workplace, two men were fired and incarcerated within the last 6 months for child pornography. That happened because they were 'incautious' enought to watch it on a government computer. Think of how many are watching on their private computers, and don't get caught. This is a huge problem worldwide, and our country is a primary contributor to this (no other word for it but)…….. Pure Evil.

We have a moral obligation to do what we can to fight against this….

Please help.

Please take a material step and stand up for goodness, on this Independence Day.

Thank you, Elizabeth

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