Misinformation and deception permeates the entire ground of perception. We are all born at the bottom of a well of ignorance. Our essence natures are not neutrally receptive. Each one of us is far more different than any other one of us. Still each one of us is imprinted early in our lives. We have no resistance whatsoever to our programming. Family histories are unique. We are what we eat, extends beyond what we are given for breakfast. We eat impressions. We eat the air. Growing up near a factory on the east side of town is a different atmosphere than growing up on one of the Faroe Islands. The atmosphere within our homes is not neutral. Families are different.

Children from the same families are often observably very different from one another and seldom chips off the old block. Aunts and uncles and cousins emerge as a part of one’s larger family. To some extent your family appears to resemble the wider community; at first.

However the wider immediate community — your school mates, your teachers, your coaches, your friend’s parents, gradually exert on growing children, behaviours and structures which encourage a necessary conformity. Going against the grain is painful and indeed often punishing. Going with the grain, may too, be painful and punishing. But it tends to be rewarding. We crave social acceptance and approbation. Money or the absence of it is a powerful incentive. Most people seek upward mobility.

From the child’s perspective he or she discovers hurdles which resist. Approbation and rewards encourage children to clear the hurdles inherent in all societies. There are though barriers to entry. Some of those barriers are closed even to the most aspirational no matter how intelligent or capable the aspirant. Still some people obviously persist and are not easily deterred. For a few the membrane is finally permeable. But at the highest levels the seats are fully occupied. These occupants are born and destined to sit in those seats. They have no intention of ever relinquishing their chairs to anyone.

They fully expect and demand that those who do finally arrive in positions of power and influence — as perceived by society at large — conform to the aims of the establishment. For the most part these people seek anonymity. They are the power behind the throne. They keep their names out of the newspapers. But the Internet is not so easily contained. In fact it appears — though we are at the earliest stages of something extraordinary and predicting outcomes is a mugs game — the more the old establishment plays by the old tried and true presumptions and its prerogatives the more exposed they become.

The old guard rewarded those they advanced to do their bidding handsomely. Gongs, titles, riches, palatial homes and social approbation, most certainly keeps every social tier where the aspirants dwell, striving mightily to move up a notch. Social systems are diabolical constructs. They reward and punish. Of course one needs a strong stomach and an absence of conscience too for the most part.

Warmongering servers many purposes. Obviously promulgating wars is aided by amplifying claims against the so called enemy which are seldom true. False flags are deployed relentlessly by elites whom collectively care nothing for those they willingly sacrifice. …So called friends or so called enemies! Building bombs is hugely profitable.

Manufacturing pharmaceuticals is hugely profitable. They too can be deployed against so called friends and so called enemies. Advertising encourages conformity! Governments encourage and enforce conformity. Governments are bought and paid for by powerful actors. One automatically assumes governments have our best interests in mind. We are programmed from birth to trust authority. Beginning life we are naked, hungry, and exposed. The old comforts of the womb are suddenly left behind. Birth is a shock. Suddenly we are forced to breathe on our own. Suddenly the impressions are myriad and dismaying. Conformity to the prevailing assumptions is necessary for survival. Yet if we conform absolutely we are easily made malleable to advance the interests of a small group of people whom are hidden from our cognition.

All sorts of things encourage conformity. Advertising, ideology, rules, coercion, fashion, fears, threats and force. These imbue structures reflexively. Think here a möbius strip. The strongest force ensuring compliance is belief. For most people when their beliefs are shattered the cognitive dissonance is too much to bear. Even after irrefutable evidence contrary to their beliefs is proffered, tragically the majority are disinclined to behave in their own self interest.

This is of course the Achilles heel of approbation seeking mortals. Social opprobrium is a fate worse than death. Men in wars frequently follow orders they know will likely result in their deaths. During WW I the Battle of the Somme more than three million men fought. One million were either killed or wounded. Thousands at a time were mowed down by machine gunners who barely had time to aim. What force existed to cause these millions to subject themselves to certain death?

Why would hundreds of millions subject themselves to being injected with an untested vial of unknown content? Why would they wear masks driving alone in their vehicles? Why would they wear masks at all? The talking heads on hundreds of TV stations broadcast exactly the same messages using exactly the same words!

Conformity is an ancient and primitive instinct! We are brainwashed! People are shocked when they are informed that inducing conformity is a strategy intentionally deployed against their best interests.

They are even more shocked when told the extent of which our weaknesses are deployed against us.

People are known to conform to the most wicked promulgations — against their deepest beliefs — when those beliefs are hijacked by authority figures whom have a vested interest in manipulating others to do their bidding. Conformity is a primitive instinct. It is an emotional instinct. Emotions work in us much faster than our thinking. Most thinking is not true thinking. Most of the brain activity we call thinking is merely a *this or that* process. Of course information is intentionally constructed to confine us to choose that which is made obvious to our need to conform. Think about it!

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I once had to explain to my doctor (MD) that child abuse can have permanent effects, not just temporary. He had never heard that claim before.

IQ can be irrelevant.

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I wondered what is it but I am sure now, that this is new ideology, it has nothing to do with science, truth or public policy. It's new religion based on marxism, depopulation, climate change doom and supporting for one government lead by corporations.

It's corporatism with depopulation together. The promise is, if we continue to support you to kill, rob others you will give us money, power and influence. We will lay and do whatever you tell us, just if you promise us to give us share from the new wealth and power you stolen from others.

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Sep 18, 2023Liked by Bret Swanson

Came over from Brownstone. Truly shocking how smart people can be so ignorant. And how so called scientists can blithely ignore evidence that refutes their claims.

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I have to be honest, I didn't read whole article and only get first part from Rational Ground. For me is still mystery how can there still be debate about the same all over again. It was proven, that the virus is from laboratory as well that the vaccine is deadly. See below. How can any rational person with scientific background still repeat that? This is not discussion anymore, it's just some phylosophical / political madness, it's same with woke - there is no debate that the women and men are different.


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