I once had to explain to my doctor (MD) that child abuse can have permanent effects, not just temporary. He had never heard that claim before.

IQ can be irrelevant.

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I wondered what is it but I am sure now, that this is new ideology, it has nothing to do with science, truth or public policy. It's new religion based on marxism, depopulation, climate change doom and supporting for one government lead by corporations.

It's corporatism with depopulation together. The promise is, if we continue to support you to kill, rob others you will give us money, power and influence. We will lay and do whatever you tell us, just if you promise us to give us share from the new wealth and power you stolen from others.

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Came over from Brownstone. Truly shocking how smart people can be so ignorant. And how so called scientists can blithely ignore evidence that refutes their claims.

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