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Woah, you broke the WSJ barrier! (H/T CFP.) As far as I know, this is the first non-dismissive mention of a Covid-19 vax-harm claim published by this otherwise censorious/mum-on-that-topic publication. (Correct me if I'm wrong if there have been previous ones.)

For why it matters so much to me, see my "Adjunct Suppressors," my protest against conservative silence on this issue generally, but specifically, in one of the arenas I know best, that of academic conservatives. The Claremont Institute's American Mind site is target no. one in my piece, but the WSJ has been guilty of EVERYTHING I accuse the Claremont editors of, and yet with the far, far, far greater shame of being a NEWSPAPER directly charged (and empowered to) inform the public on a daily basis. https://pomocon.substack.com/p/adjunct-suppressors

The WSJ should now explain why they were mum on this specific aspect--i.e., vax-harm claims--of Covid-Policy debates. Next to no kudos to them for doing the right thing at least 18 stinkin' months after they first should have, and without any public admission of their change of editorial policy.

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As I said in the reader comments of my article, you made all the points I've tried to make in multiple long articles in one fairly short article ... and you got it published in the WSJ!

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Jul 9, 2023·edited Jul 9, 2023Liked by Bret Swanson

Brett, This is one of the best essays on the consequences of the Censorship Industrial Complex I've read yet. I wrote my own Substack article recommending your story. I also see where "Citizen Kane" at Citizen Free Press linked to your story. That always adds a ton of extra readers.

Keep up the great work! - Bill Rice, Jr.


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