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I hope very much your right about the failing part. These guys running Washington are true believers

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It's no different than the past. Religions were the arbiters of truth... Then law... Then science....Now this. At least this playing field doesn't require a degree to enter.

That's why they're failing hard. People are learning that even high priests of the state religion are woefully wrong again and again.

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https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/show/how-a-washington-state-plan-to-fight-domestic-extremism-could-be-a-model-for-the-nation. Our state is processing HB1333 currently through our legislative process. It is out of committee. Since our stateAG crafted it and supports it it has a good chance of surviving and getting signed by our WEF gov Inslee. If you read the interview it’s apparent they want to stop ‘radicalizing’ of young people by older conservatives. The emphasis is that conservatives are crazy and need mental help. The battle is indeed just warming up.

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